Nominacje profesorskie w pałacu prezydenckim

Sprawozdanie z dnia 15 stycznia 2001 r.


On January 15th, 2001 Prof. Wacław Walecki said:

Our land and nation have for centuries belonged to the realm of West European spiritual culture thanks to the vitally keen decision of Prince Mieszko I to be baptized in the Latin Rite. It is therefore no surprise that numerous Latin proverbs and dicta took root in Polish consciousness and have continued to our days as universal expressions. One of them I believe to be perfectly suited to today's ceremony. This is the one that states that SCIENTIA NIHIL EST ALIUD, QUAM VERITATIS IMAGO — KNOWLEDGE IS NO MORE THAN BUT THE VERY IMAGE OF TRUTH. For this is us who in our daily work discover this truth and build this truth up. Can there be any more admirable walk-of-life than the one that is based on learning the truth and on advancing truth? There is another factor to this truth which we, the faculty of The Jagiellonian University, were told about on 8th June, 1997 by Pope John Paul II: GAUDIUM VERITATIS: THE JOY OF DISCOVERING THE TRUTH. Let this joy of discovering the truth accompany us form this day, my Fellow Professors, to even a greater degree.


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